Hello Citizens, Hello Compatriots
Thank you very much for honoring this first graduation ceremony on 20th February 2020, where King Ceasor University(KCU) is award- ing degrees to 19 doctors (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery-MBChB), 8 Lawyers (Bachelor of Laws-LLB), 3 Oil, Gas and Energy Management experts and 3 Diplomas. It is rewarding. I am privileged to be installed founder chancellor of this prestigious KCU that is serving local and global communities through education.
I was born a businessman, at the age of three, my grandfather gave me 2 gifts which were a wallet and 11 commandments, 10 are from God which were given to Moses at Mount Sinai and one of his own creation. The eleventh is “Though shall always work, have a full wallet for your good and for sharing with humanity. And the work of God shall be accomplished.”
KCU draws its concept from the philosophy of King Ceasor Develop- ment Kingdom where all, irrespective of financial circumstances or a station in life could access, and benefit from academic education as an antidote for moral rearmament and wealth multiplication. The core functions of KCU are to add on existing knowledge; create new knowledge all together through research and innovation, and com- munity engagement. KCU is fortified and will remain steadfast in networking and connecting to achieve these functions. This gradua- tion will sprout new initiatives and opportunities.

special thanks to the NRM government who liberated, liberalized higher education and promulgated free education policy.
In particular, I wish to register my appreciation to HE the President Gen YK Museveni supported by first lady Mama Janet K Museveni for initiating free education policy UPE and USE. This one of their single biggest legacy in Uganda among many. We look forward and pray for HE the President to complete the cycle and offer free university education. This would be a must stroke.
I am very grateful to the president for having endorsed the instrument to change St. Augustine Internation University to King Ceasor University and above all for having given free land to KCU, to establish a branch in Kisoro District.
We applaud the first lady and Minister of Education for spearheading the changing of the secondary education curriculum. It has been long overdue taking into account the 4th industrial revolution is already operational in the world. ie Big Data, IoT, AI, 3D, Blockchain and the competition among big companies amazon, Google, SpaceX, etc to concur space (the heavens).
Americans, Russians, Europeans, Chinese, and Indians are racing into concurring the heavens in real-time while many of us Africans are trading differences on earth.
Due to the free education policy, over 700,000 students are completing high school. To me this the biggest gift and contribution to humanity. This potential of higher education to function as an agent of change and a means of serving the greater good. The common good.
The global impact of this policy is witnessed as you travel around the world. The security in Dubai who check passengers boarding British airways were composed of former UPE students, found some UPE students in Canada, others in the United States of America, but most are those doing business hoping between India, Vietnam, China, Ma- Malaysia, and Thailand. I have met youth in Japan. In East Africa, youth are working or doing business in Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, DRC, Ethiopia, and Burundi. Many others have sought opportunities in various countries in Africa.
Last time I visited Abuja and Lagos I found Ugandans working there. What is the critical message, if we can give our youth a great education
and free passports, the sky and global reach is not a limit? Now, therefore “education is life itself”.
I am indebted and sincerely grateful to all of those that have shaped my life, supported us both physically, morally and continue to pray for us unceasing without conditions.
Special thanks to our legendary Rt Hon Prime Minister Ndungu Ruhakana Rugunda and his dear wife Mama who have seen me grow into a man. They are family but greatest of all we both believe in NRM principles of inclusion, peace, security, patriotism, Pan-Afri- canism, and Development.
Education has proved to be the fastest route to world integration. I greatly appreciate the contribution of the following governments worldwide for the support of allowing their citizens to pursue edu- cation at KCU; Uganda, Nigeria, Cameroon, Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, DRC, South Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia, Malawi, Zambia, Great Britain, Pakistan, Canada, Egypt, Chad, Gambia, Ethiopia, Australia, Zanzibar, Indian, United States.
I wish to register my gratitude to our collaboration partner’s tre- mendous support. Ministry of Education, National Council of Higher Education, Ministry Of Health, Makerere University, Mulago National Referral Hospital, Kirudu Hospital, Kawempe Hospital, Mulago wom- en’s Hospital, Uganda Cancer Institute, Lubaga Hospital, Kisoro Hos- pital, Fort Portal Regional Referral Hospital, Mubende Regional Re- ferral Hospital, Itojo Hospital, St. Francis Hospital Mutolere, Butabika National, Referral Hospital, Makerere University College of Health Sciences (MakCHS), Fortis Health Care India, Nassau University Med- ical Center New York, Spartan Health Science University, St. Lucia; and Agro-studies the International Centre for Agricultural Studies in Israel among others via
I wish to acknowledge the greatest support from Great Grandma Nnkima, Grandparents, Grandma Mariam Matama and Grandpa Singh, Grandma Angel Bwiza and Grandpa David Giraneza. The first business school I attended belonged to this group before I joined the formal one of Makerere university.
Amidst us, I have my dad Mzee Didas Uwiragiye Ntare. In my life I had several regents who supported me immensely, My uncle kaka Matama his dear wife Irene, Aunties Muni, Gudi and Nindo. Aunties Furumera Rwanyange, Josephine Ngeneye Biheke, Leonida Nkunze, Veneranda and Mpongano. Special regents like Gahitira Cosma for- mer Uganda Tea Growers Md, My Uncle Damian Iyamulemye Seburo, Lasto Nzai,
My mother-in-law Agnes Basaza and her dear late husband Eng Amos Basaza Mfiite. My absolute contribution to humanity was marrying their daughter, Dr charity Basaza Mulenga. I am now the proud father of four amazing children, Lady Augusta, christy Atia, Lord Ceaser, and Angel Amy. Two of them are here today. But our family has over 2,000 children under our care.
The future of all these children will be shaped here at KCU. Their unwavering encouragement, astute insights, and alternate perspectives keep me going.
I would also like to acknowledge, Hon Tress Bucyanayandi former Minister of Agriculture who served as interim chancellor update.
I want to appreciate staff who have initiated new programs in Geoscience Engineering, Artificial intelligence, Public Health, and Agriculture. Thank you for believing and having faith in KCU.
The greatest support to KCU has been from the university faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community members. I thank you.
KCU is identified with teaching medicine, health and life sciences. Today we are in an era of nanotechnology, and biotechnology, the development of precision medicine, and the triumphant sequencing of the human genome. However, we are developing broad and holistic education in Law and Business, Artificial intelligence, Geoscience, Mining and Petroleum, Agriculture and Veterinary medicine, Engineering, and informatics, to make a difference and to contribute to the common good.
KCU will continue to contribute to our economy by leveraging the talent of our faculty, students, community, industry, business, government, all collaborating partners in exploring new ideas and policies to improve its scholarly objectives. With this alliance, we can make a profound difference in the world.
I am absolutely and profoundly grateful to the almighty God that has brought us this far. Praise be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
HE HM King Ceasor Augustus Mulenga, TG.
God Bless KCU
God Bless Uganda God Bless Africa God Bless the world








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